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How To Use Pycharm To Debug Your Python Code Язык Python, его эволюция и использование

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Ori Roza
Arilou Technologies (Part of NNG Group)

I’m mainly a python developer and a technical writer, programming both high level and low level languages. I’m passionate about technological challenges, self learner and hard worker. Love sport and travels a lot. LOVE PYTHON!


Debugging code in any language might be frustrating, but it is especially so in Python where we cannot recognize a bug immediately. In this presentation, I will go over of the main and most useful debugging features PyCharm has to offer and teach you how to use them efficiently.

In the talk, I will explain about multiple features as: - Dealing with breakpoints - manage them, conditional breakpoints and etc - Debugging both local and remote independent python processes. - Using Pycharm loaded env for easy calculations.


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