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Efficient Load Testing with Python and Locust Тестирование и автоматизация

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Temidayo Adefioye
DIYLaw Technologies

Temidayo is a software engineer, a Google Certified Associate Android Developer and an open source advocate with a keen interest in mobile app development, web applications and data science. He is currently a Local Community Ambassador at Andela Learning Community with Google.

He maintains diylaw.ng and also contributes to many more open source projects. In 2014 he had the opportunity to represent his country and Africa as a whole at Microsoft Headquarters for a software contest. In 2015, He was invited by Microsoft to be a Judge at break into code challenge for students across the world.

Temidayo currently enjoys working full-time for DIYLaw Technologies, the makers of diylaw.ng. He started writing software for fun and friends in 2011 after his mum bought him his first computer, an Hp 620 laptop, and he’s been delivering commercial software since 2015.


Web applications and services require efficient scaling for serving a large number of requests.In order to check the behavior of services under load we need to perform load and stress testing.This is done by generating requests similar to those made by users and test them in production environment.

There are several tools that assist with building, conducting and analyzing load tests for web apps. One of them is Locust. Locust.io is an open source Python-based user load testing tool. This lightweight, distributed and scalable framework helps to figure out how many simultaneous users a system can handle by writing test scenarios in Python code. It can be used for web applications, websites and web-based services. In this talk you will learn how to define user behaviour with Python code, and swarm your system with millions of simultaneous users. Hopefully, at the end of this talk you will be able to build more efficient, robust and scalable python web apps.

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