Web of Things: The Arc Reactor using PythonЖелезо и IoT

Доклад отклонён
Rizky Ariestiyansyah

I am Founder of Valutac, a software development company based in Indonesia. PSF Managing Member, Chairman of PyCon Indonesia and active to speak at PyCon {US,APAC,MY,HK,JP} , I am also Mozilla Tech Speaker.


This talk will explain to the audience the concept of web of things and how they can build connected devices using Python or MicroPython, they can also implement it in real-life.

This talk will demo how we can create iron-man like t-shirt with cool Arc Reactor build on top of Python and WoT.

The goal of the Web of Things is to extend the web of pages into a web of things by giving connected devices URLs on the World Wide Web. This will allow the web to be used as a unifying application layer for a decentralized Internet of Things.

Web of Things have common data model and API available, this talk will create an adapter add-on to bridge an existing IoT device to the web using Python. As a demo I will show audience how I build the Iron Man reactor (planted on my t-shirt) and controlled it using web of things by the help of Python adapter.

The talk will also explain how the audience can extend and build their own kit using Python and web of things API. I will also sharing lesson learned I found when I am doing research of this talk.

Internet of Things