Understanding multithreading by deciphering the cpython interpreter source codeУправление зависимостями и инфраструктура

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Chirag Shah

- Chirag is working as a Software Developer at Barclays, India.
- Software development is his long suit. Primary subjects of interest are AI, ML and Data Science.
- He likes tinkering with new technologies, creating new projects and implementing things by himself.
- Github: https://github.com/avidLearnerInProgress
- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chirag-shah/
- Personal website(never updated!): https://avidlearnerinprogress.github.io/


In the modern era of hybrid cores and processors, there is an in demand need for concurrent and parallel programming paradigms. Python, since its inception has amazing support for single threaded applications. The extensive use of Python in booming fields like Machine Learning has paved the way to constantly improve multi-threaded applications in Python.

I will speak from ground level covering very crucial aspects of Threading and Locks which will provide a better roadmap for community to develop better Python applications. I will provide a concise understanding of Threading and Global Interpreter Lock(GIL) in Python.