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Understanding how a malware works using PythonИнформационная безопасность

Доклад отклонён
Yan Orestes Elias
Alura Cursos Online de Tecnologia (https://alura.com.br)

Yan Orestes is an 18 years old brazilian Python developer, absolutely in love with Python language and (most important) with sharing knowledge! In Brazil, Yan works in Alura, an educational company focused on online tech courses. He also often write blog posts about Python and security, and loves presenting in different conferences!


In this talk, we will discuss a bit about computer viruses (read - malware) and how they usually work and affect personal computers. We will learn programming and computing techniques and practices that support this type of program, and with that we will build our own Python malware, with several attacks, maintenance and defense features, such as:

-Ensuring repeated malware execution
-Running commands on the victim's computer
-Keylogger and screen capture
-Cheating the antivirus sandbox
And more!

At the end of the talk, we'll discuss methods that we - as users - can use in order to protect ourselves from the dangers of malware.

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