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Machine Learning Democratization with PythonAI/ML и визуализация данных

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Jorge Torres

Jorge Torres Is currently Co-founder & CTO of MindsDB and a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley researching machine learning automation and explainability. He has worked for a number of data-intensive start-ups, most recently working with Aneesh Chopra (the first CTO in the US government) building data systems that analyze billions of patients records and lead to highest savings for millions of patients, he started his work on scaling solutions using machine learning in early 2008 while working as first full time engineer at Couchsurfing where he helped grow the company from a few thousand users to a few million. Jorge had degrees in electrical engineering & computer science, including a masters degree in computer systems (with a focus on applied Machine Learning) from the Australian National University.


It is crucial to rethink how we build tools so that we can provide Machine Learning capabilities to experts in various disciplines that are not necessarily savvy in machine learning, this talk we talk about our project that allows anyone to create and use sophisticated ML in one line of Python code.

Machine Learning

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