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Python packaging: the good partsУправление зависимостями и инфраструктура

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Tatiana Al-Chueyr Martins

Tatiana graduated as a Computer Engineer by Unicamp (Brazil). She's been using opensource and Python for over 15 years both in the public and private sectors, applying it to health, education and media. Currently, Tatiana is building responsible machine learning and recommendation platforms at BBC, as part of the Datalab team.


Python was born almost 30 years ago. During its development, different libraries and tools evolved to support managing dependencies and distributing reusable code. The purpose of this talk is to show some limitations of using 'pip', 'virtualenv' and 'requirements.txt', illustrating how 'pipenv' can solve them. Pros and cons, of both strategies will be discussed, challenging the audience to choose the best tool for themselves.

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