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Resurrecting the dead with deep learningAI/ML и визуализация данных

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Aditthya Ramakrishnan
Next Tech Lab

Aditthya Ramakrishnan is a researcher with previous experience at the MIT Media Lab and Carnegie Mellon University. He runs Next Tech Lab, a student-led innovation lab with two locations in India. The lab has 200 members researching in Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Internet of Things among other fields. Next Tech Lab won a 2018 QS Reimagine Education award by the Wharton School of Business, among numerous other accolades. He also runs the PyData KTR and Amaravati meetups.


We will use powerful techniques in deep learning to create language models and use them to generate literature in the style of Nietzsche; Rap in the style of Eminem & Compose music inspired by Mozart. The results are so remarkable that it’s sometimes hard to tell generated text from the real thing.

Machine Learning

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