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The silver-lining behind testing - using DjangoТестирование и автоматизация

Доклад отклонён
Akash Singh Tomar

Akash is a software developer and pythonist at heart. He has been building and breaking things in the process for 3 years. He has worked with many startups and got exposure to various industries in the process. More than a software developer he is an environmentalist, traveller and a foodie.


I will be covering testing using the Django framework but the core concepts are not restricted to Django. Any folk can attend this talk & will certainly learn something new.

My talk will cover the following:
* What is a unit test and how is it different from the module test.
* Intuition building for the right mindset of testing.
* Types of scenarios which can be tested and what to do where testing does not seem intuitive.
* What is mocking of objects and why do we need it?
* Running tests in parallel in order to save time.
* What is Jenkins and how can it help in running these tests.
* Small demo on using Jenkins and types of trigger conditions which can be used.
* Fun exercise on testing.

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