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Christopher Lozinski

Christopher Lozinski is an MIT graduate, serial entrepreneur, dual US-EU citizen, and polyglot. Instead of seeking Venture Capital, he moved from Silicon Valley to Poland. He started using Python in 1999, and has since released been multiple products using it. Most recently he developed PythonLinks.info, ClimateVideos.info and GolangVideos.pl.


Pug.js is the leading templating engine for Node.js. But it also works well with Python. Like Python and Haml, Pug.js uses indentation (whitespace) to define structure, eliminating both closing tags, and lots of brackets. This saves typing, reduces errors and makes the code much more readable.

Pug templates can be compiled from the command line, or in the browser. The compiler generates either Javascript or HTML The HTML is a valid Chameleon Page Template. (CPT) Both Tal and ${} statements are respected.

The Javascript can be rendered in the browser, or the CPT can be rendered in Python on the server. Pug Demo: https://pythonlinks.info/javascript-wiki/pug-demo/acedemo

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