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Theory of Neural NetworksAI/ML и визуализация данных

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Beau Carnes

Beau Carnes is the director of technology education for freeCodeCamp.org. He is also an experienced software instructor. Besides teaching in-person workshops and classes, he has created around 100 software training videos on YouTube and has created two software courses with Manning Publications on the topics of algorithms and deep learning.


You can understand deep learning, even without calculus! After explaining the key concepts of deep learning, I’ll live code a neural network without using any frameworks. This will help you understand the concepts at a deeper level.

Learn how machines learn using deep learning. Instead of teaching about a framework such as Karas or TensorFlow, I’ll give an overview of the methods behind those frameworks.

In the first part of this talk I will cover topics like: - deep learning vs. machine learning - supervised and unsupervised learning - using neural networks to make predictions - gradient descent.

During the second part off this talk I will use Jupyter Notebook to create a neural network with Python. I’ll be live-coding and explaining each line as I go.

As long as you have basic knowledge of a programming language, you should be able to follow along. No advanced math required.

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