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A Hacker's Guide to Securing Python Web ApplicationsИнформационная безопасность

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Eyitemi Egbejule

Eyitemi Egbejule is a Cybersecurity Consultant/researcher.
member of of the NaijaSecForce security community and Python Nigeria developers community. He is a co-organizer of PyCon Nigeria.
Eyitemi does active research on malware, Advanced Persistent Threats and Reverse engineering.
He Tweets about security and tech as @eEyitemi, Builds security tools using Python, and does secure code audits.
Also, He is currently a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, and an Independent Member of the Django Software Foundation, a foundation behind the largest and most popular Python framework till date.
On the side, Eyitemi is actively involved in Girl Tech Education by mentoring Girls in programming and Cybersecurity in West Africa. When he isn't working, He can be found playing musical instruments or running on beaches.


Being hacked is bad for business. Chances are that we might have been hacked, or know someone who might have been hacked.

Armed with some best secure coding practices and a little help from supporting libraries, security vulnerabilities in Python Web apps can be a thing of the past.

From a hacker's perspective we would explore common security vulnerabilities in Python web applications according to the OWASP Top 10, how to mitigate them and how to incorporate secure coding standards to achieve vulnerabilities-free web application.

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