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Converting your last Python 2 program to Python 3 - The Why and HowЯзык Python, его эволюция и использование

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Yan Orestes Elias
Alura Cursos Online de Tecnologia (https://alura.com.br)

Yan Orestes is an 18 years old brazilian Python developer, absolutely in love with Python language and (most important) with sharing knowledge! In Brazil, Yan works in Alura, an educational company focused on online tech courses. He also often write blog posts about Python and security, and loves presenting in different conferences!


You, who is starting with Python, must have, at some point, faced this doubt: Which version of Python should we learn. At first, these questions may seem a bit pointless to programmers who come from other languages, such as Java, that support backward compatibility in each version upgrade, but Python 3, without a doubt, ends with some functionalities and specificities of the previous versions, and that can end up in a lot of trouble.

This talk aims to take make it clear in why everyone should use Python 3 over Python 2, understanding what truly are the differences between each version (and why do they exist) and how can we, as developers, convert our programs to Python 3 and abandon

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