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Ravioli vs Pelmeni architecture (microservices vs services)Сеть, бэкенд и web-разработка

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Анастасия Тимощук
Cyren GmbH

My name is Anastasiia. Originally I came from Ukraine, working in Berlin since April 2016.
Working in the development for almost of 7 years, including experience in e-commerce as well as game development.
Every day I am dealing with a lot of challenges when you have to consider software or library to start with, starting from the question how to build architecture and finishing with a deployment.
I have a great experience in the design and development of the project from scratch to production.

twitter: @anastasiatymo
email: atymoshchuk@icloud.com

Microservice architecture is trending now, everyone wants to use it, not matter if it’s needed or not. But what if you could know all the pros and cons, possible examples and success stories… What if you could choose by your considered and mature choice. This short talk will guide through best practices of using service and microservice architecture, so you could choose wisely.

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