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How we test 1'000 Python projects in KiwiУправление зависимостями и инфраструктура

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Alex Viscreanu

Full stack developer, working on improving the development workflow at Kiwi.com.


At Kiwi.com we have lots and lots of Python projects, some important ones are more than 5 years old. With our explosive growth from a small start-up into an international company, it's critical for us to manage code quality at scale. If we find some issue with nginx configuration, we need an automated way to check all projects for it. One year ago we created our own "Zoo" project, which is open sourced! This "reverse-test-system" constantly crawls all our repositories and checks a wide range of issues, from simple "wrong dependency version" and up to tricky GitLab and deploy misconfiguration. In the talk I will showcase how you can set the "Zoo" for yourself and what tests we are using for our code. Hope some of them can be useful for you code base too!

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