Python AI - All you need to know about Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Alejandro Saucedo and Donald Whyte
    Alejandro Saucedo and Donald Whyte Founder @ Exponential Technologies, Software Engineer @ Engineers Gate

    At 10 AM Alejandro and Donald will do a keynote.

    There is a lot of hype about deep learning and everything AI, however behind all the noise there is a set of solid concepts and algorithms that have massive potential if used in the right way and with the right data. In this talk we will provide you with the key concepts you will need to build a solid understanding around the core of Machine Learning. We will also cover key Deep Learning concepts and examples using Tensorflow that will help you understand the real potential of Deep Learning in practical applications. This talk will provide a theoretical overview that will then be put in practice in the Deep Learning workshop.

    At 3 PM Alejandro and Donald are going to hold English language workshop "Practical Deep Learning with SciPy and Tensorflow"

    Join us for a practical deep learning session. Whether you are a curious beginner or a data scientist looking to improve your skillset, this talk is for you. In this workshop we will provide you with the core knowledge you require to understand and apply deep learning through a practical set of examples using Tensorflow and SciPy. We will also cover best practices when tackling a deep learning problem, and tips on how to approach these challenges. By the end of this talk you will have a better understanding of the deep learning ecosystem, and you will be able to use core concepts to tackle real life problems.

    Alejandro Saucedo is the Founder and Chief Engineer at Exponential Technologies, a technology consultancy that specialises in Machine Learning and Deep Learning applied to transport, construction and manufacturing. He has founded multiple ventures in the past, and has organised hackathons/programmer events in Russia in the past.
    Donald Whyte is an infrastructure engineer at a leading quant hedgefund. He has thorough experience in distributed systems, machine learning and general data science. Previously he worked at Bloomberg where he build core infrastructure technology that is still used across the firm globally. He has given multiple talks about infrastructure and distributed systems around the world.



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