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Developing and deploying Python for secured environments Офлайн 2021

Программный комитет ещё не принял решения по этому докладу

We have to write and deploy Python applications in many environments where security is the first class citizen of the project. Sometimes these are mission critical projects, sometimes they are being deployed in a place which is known to have targeted attacks.

This talk will go through the process of development cycle where we check dependencies and code via tools like 'bandit' and 'safety' to find known CVEs in dependencies or security issues in code.

After the code is ready to be packaged, we will go through the steps of building wheels from own Python package index to have reproducible Debian packages as output.

Kushal Das

Kushal Das is a public interest technologist in the Freedom of the Press Foundation where he is helping to maintain SecureDrop project. He is also a core member of the Tor Project, and CPython core development team. He is also a director of the Python Software Foundation board. He regularly blogs at https://kushaldas.in.