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I thought in this presentation flow, the slides are following it:

* Show the presentation idea: Divide the code, Conquer maintainability
* Flask code examples: Flaks minimal application, Flask + DB, Flask + DB + Marshmallow.
Highlighting code pieces to show what that piece represents (Business Logic, DB interaction, Request validation)
* A thought: "If you do not choose the application architecture other people will choose to you"
Showing a known example, Django
* Little talk about what is "Clean Architecture" proposed by Uncle Bob.
A quotation from his blog, "to incentive" more pragmatism, basically he tells to us not to get attached by his Clean Architecture schema
* Shows the Frameworks/Libraries we'll use: Flask, punq, SQLAlchemy, Pydantic, pytest, mypy, Poetry
* Show the folder structure
* CODE TIME: Here comes the practical example, I can make a repository with the step-by-step (steps separated by branch)
Maybe won't is necessary the branch separation. I don't have any business idea to make the example, ideas are welcome!
* References

I want to introduce returns using the Result container, but maybe will be too information or I can just explain the basic idea of it

Pablo Aguilar

Software Engineer at Globo.com in the Big Data & AI area. Passionate for challenges, technology, good code and functional programming enthusiast, dry-python core developer.

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